7 Tips on Freebies for Expectant Canadian Mamas!

FREE STUFF! There are a ton of opportunities out there to find free items, samples, coupons, goody bags etc. and why not? With all the extra expenses that come along with having a baby, getting something free definitely helps! Also, it’s good to try out a few different products to see what you and your family prefer and sample packs are perfect for that! This list is definitely not exhaustive, but is a good starting point and will lead to more ideas for you! Now, most times it includes registering your email or filling out a form, but right now all we have is time right?! (you can also opt out of emails after you have registered and received your goods!)

1. Education and Knowledge
This is a free gift that keeps on giving! No one can take this from you and you can give it away for free too! The Mama Coach offers free 15 min consults to families! If you are struggling with sleep or feeding or anything motherhood and baby contact your local Mama Coach and have a conversation with a Registered Nurse. The Mama Coach has an amazing Prenatal Series that will email you information straight to your inbox with each week of pregnancy, including changes and growth for both Mom and baby. Also included in each weekly email is a featured product to help you prepare for some of those essential items to stock up on before baby arrives. Then after your baby is here you have access to 2 more free ebooks on Baby Awake Times and the very popular Guide To Sleep that offers 5 essential sleep tips to help with your baby’s sleep!

2. Diapers
So. Many. Diapers. Many diaper companies will offer free sample packs if you go to their websites and register. Huggies “no baby unhugged” program is a good example of this! Pampers has a great coupon/offers page that anyone can access. If you want to try cloth diapers but are unsure of the commitment, contact your local cloth diaper company to see if they have a test drive program such as the one at Cloth Diaper Depot. Online companies like The Honest Company and Hello Bello did have a free sample program but have recently changed it to offer discounts on bundles or offer coupons instead. Still a great way to avoid having to go to the store and get diapers delivered to your door!

3. Formula
Companies such as Enfamil, Similac, Nestle have sign ups for an impressive amount of free products and tons of coupons sent to your home. Tip: order early!

4. Baby Registries, Goody Bags and Coupon Savings
London Drugs has a great welcome package for babies with a variety of samples included when you register on their site. If you start a baby registry at places like Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us and Amazon you will receive a free goody bag with samples, discounts and coupons! Maternity stores such as Thyme Maternity and Motherhood Maternity have a great welcome gift with baby samples and coupons if you register. Also be sure to check with all your local small businesses such as Baby & Me Maternity in Calgary, AB. They may have some samples left there from sales reps and the customer service in these smaller stores are second to none! #supportlocal

5. Free Prenatal Vitamins and Pharmacy Items
Head to Sobeys Pharmacy and sign up for the “Baby Be Healthy” program. You will get tons of info and education from a Pharmacist and you get free vitamins for the duration of your pregnancy! Also, the Save on Foods Pharmacy in our town has baby packages they hand out with free pharmacy items. I can’t speak for all Save On Foods Pharmacies, but it is worth it to stop by and inquire!

6. Books
Register with Imagination Library Canada and they will send your child a free book every month! Head to your local library, in my opinion these amazing facilities are vastly underutilized! There is so much more than books offered when you sign up for a membership like eBooks, digital audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, music, movies, and free mom & baby programs- great for building your village! (and the cards are usually free too!).

7. The Others…
Chat with local community organizations about free programs, giveaways, gifts, swaps etc. The CPS has a list that you can contact in Canada broken down into provinces. Organizations such as Mamas For Mamas are a great resource for new moms and offer giveaways, free or discounted services/items and swaps for all things baby. If you are on facebook (who isn’t?) type in “buy nothing [your city]” and request to join the group, the Buy Nothing Project is free to join and everything is gifted, meaning it’s all free! I am a member of my local community and see baby items listed daily! Also join all your local mom/family buy & sell groups on all the socials, there are hoards of free items/swapping happening there! Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider as well to see if they have free samples in their clinics or know of any in your community.

Basically, the biggest take away is don’t be afraid to search things out and to ASK. Go to the customer service desk at your local drug store, talk to the sales associate/owner of your favorite local store or talk to your local charity and ask about new baby programs, samples and or giveaways. You might be surprised what is out there!

Happy registering! Feel free to reach out to your local Mama Coach with any questions or to book a 15 min free consultation 🙂

*Note: I was not sponsored or endorsing or in partnership with any of the mentioned products. Just some good finds to share with all you amazing Mama’s!

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