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6 Tips For Navigating Baby’s First Christmas Season

Six tips for navigating your baby’s first Christmas season can help you thrive and not just survive. As new parents, the holidays can be a joyous and overwhelming time; you likely need to approach the holiday season differently than you used to. Carefully consider what will bring you joy and lift you up vs what will deplete you. 

6 Tips For Navigating Baby’s First Christmas Season

First Tip Communication 

   As a couple take time to discuss what you love about the holiday season and what traditions are important to you. Think about what events, traditions, or gatherings you want to participate in as a family, and avoid those that don’t serve you or your family. This is also a great opportunity to discuss boundaries especially as they relate to extended family gatherings.  

Second Tip Gifts

   Your baby could care less if you got them the perfect gift. All that matters to them is they are fed and loved. If you find you have an extensive list of gifts to buy; talk with your friends and family about either limiting or not exchanging gifts this year. This will help free up your time and mental energy. Your saving account will also thank you.  

6 Tips For Navigating Baby’s First Christmas Season

Third Tip Christmas Crafts 

    The holidays are a great excuse to make some cute Christmas crafts with your baby. Take the time to make a few mementos you’ll have for years. Ideas: Baby footprints are always a hit! Plus you could repurpose them as gifts for the grandparents. Bonus it’s a simple craft to do. Another idea is personalized Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree. Check out Pinterest for some fun ideas. 

Fourth Tip Keep It Simple 

   The temptation after having a baby is that you’ll do all the things you use to do without changing anything; too many new moms feel this pressure. Consider how you can keep things simpler this holiday season and do less. Your house doesn’t have to be perfectly decorated, you do not need to host the holiday dinner with extended family, or make 12 dozen cookies for the Christmas cookie exchange.  Avoid or limit participation in activities that will negatively affect your energy consumption—feeling guilty over this? Ask yourself where that feeling comes from. Is it serving you? How could you reframe that thought in a positive way? 

Fifth Tip Family Photos

   In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season don’t forget to get some family photos in! This could be a professional photo session or some intentional photos from your camera or phone. Include some sweet photos of your baby in their Christmas outfit. While not required, if you really want to go all out have color-coordinating outfits or matching Pjs. Plus you can also use these family photos as gifts for the grandparents.  

Sixth Tip Get Professional Parenting Support 

   Learning how to care for your newborn can be an adjustment for many moms, especially during the hectic holiday season. One way to solve this is to get the support you need from a Mama Coach. Every Mama Coach is a registered nurse who specializes in postpartum and infant care. Mama Coaches offer virtual and in-home support to help you feel confident in your role as a new parent. Services include the Total Mom Support Package, Newborn Support Packages, Lactation Support Package, and Infant Sleep Coaching. 

6 Tips For Navigating Baby’s First Christmas Season

As a new parent experiencing your baby’s first Christmas season with them remember you do not have to do it all! Focus on the things that are most important to you and your little family. Let go of the things that don’t offer you holiday joy. Don’t forget to talk with your partner and extended family about your wishes and goals for the holiday season.

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