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5 Ways to Practice Naps on The Go This Summer to Avoid Nap Jail

Summer time is a great time to practice getting your baby to nap on the go! It’s so nice to get out of the house, into the sunshine and avoid that dreaded nap jail! Having your baby sleep while safely monitored in a car seat, stroller or carrier can give you some freedom to explore. 

So here are my top FIVE  tips for helping your little one get a nap on the go! 

1. Keep it consistent!

If you don’t use it you lose it- napping on the go is a skill that your little on may need some practice at. If your child is under 6 months and still takin 3 -4 -5 naps a day then I would highly suggest practicing at least one if not two naps a day on the go.

2. Find a Carrier that works for your baby

A soft stretchy carrier (like a Beluga Baby) works for some while others prefer a more form fitting carrier (like an Ergo Baby or a Tula

3. Portable White Noise 

A small portable white noise machine (like The Rohm) can be helpful for drowning out the external noise that causes a distraction. 

4. Continue moving 

I know this isn’t ideal but if your child does fall asleep in the carrier or stroller it is likely you will need to continue moving to keep the nap going. If you are in the car you will most likely need to keep the engine running which is likely needed for the A/C anyways. If they start to stir during the nap and you want to help them link sleep cycles it is likely you will have to amp up your movement for 15 – 20 minutes (bounce or stroll faster) to get them to carry on sleeping longer than 30-45 minutes. 

5. Timing 

If you know you are going to do a nap on the go, I would head out in your carrier, stroller or car about 10-15 minutes before nap time, after a feeding so you know your baby is full. I would avoid having your child become overtired before a nap on the go as they can then get a “second wind” and struggle to settle with the light and noise of being out an about. 

My bonus tip… If you have to “break the rules” and use a soother in the stroller or nurse to sleep in a carrier in order to make the nap on the go happen this is A-OKAY! Everything is fine every once in a while especially if it gives you the space to be more flexible in your routine! 

As a Mama Coach we are all very conscious of maintaining mental wellness and having the ability to have your child nap on the go gives Mamas the opportunity to meet with friends, get some exercise or do whatever they truly enjoy!

Tag me in your #naponthego Pictures on Instagram so I can see those cute sleeping babies and encourage other moms to try having there little one nap on the go too!!

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