5 Tips To Avoid Nap Jail

Mama, you know how it is with a new baby! You do so much each day and it can become super overwhelming! Feeding, changing, snuggling and caring for your little one is a huge adjustment for even the most seasoned mama. Even when you have a routine going with your babe and it’s somewhat predictable, it’s still a lot!

I remember feeling completely isolated and overtaken by the needs of my baby and I would forget to care for myself or even prepare a simple meal or snack. I didn’t go out to meet with anyone for quite a while. I do not recommend this. Mamas, GET OUT! I know it seems like a lot of preparation and planning, but it gets so much easier the more you practice! More importantly, it’s so important for your mental health to get out with your baby. The change of scenery, taking in a breath of fresh air, and seeing life around you will do wonders for your soul. I know you don’t see it now mama, but it’ll help you so much.

Those first few times getting outside with my first baby felt like such a mission. Even just getting outside to walk the dog was such an accomplishment!! Seriously! It’s an immense learning curve and being exhausted on top of it all didn’t help.

Your baby needs to have a few solid naps each day and it can feel like you never have time to enjoy a minute to yourself. The naps turn into “I have so much to do” and “I have dinner to make, dishes to wash, laundry to fold, etc.” This becomes exhausting real quick, even with a beautiful sleeper because you’re nonstop doing something!! And let’s be real, not many of us “sleep when the baby’s sleeping.”

Here are some tips for you so you don’t feel like you’re confined to your home just doing housework and stuck in “nap jail” :

  • If you’re wanting to keep a nap at home: get the diaper bag ready to go during your baby’s nap! That way when your baby wakes, you can do a feed and get out the door! Maximize that time out, girl! 🙂
  • Get out anytime! Don’t stress about naps all the time. It is completely safe for your sweetie to have a supervised nap in the car seat, stroller, or in the carrier!
  • Make sure you schedule in a date with your bestie or mama friend. If you have it written in your calendar or schedule, you’re more likely to make it happen. It’s fun to talk about what’s new besides all the baby stuff!
  • Do more naps on the go and see how your child tolerates it! Some babies will be just fine with a nap outside the home every day, and others can only do this once or twice a week. You’ll know this if it starts to affect their nighttime sleep. If more night wake ups and earlier wake ups start to happen, get your babe some more daytime sleep and get back on track with your routine and schedule.
  • Speaking of routine, if you don’t really have one yet, then start! Depending on your babe’s age and personality, it will look different. Some structure is always possible at any age and it’s always a good idea to get started. Babies thrive on this and love to know what to anticipate next.

I get it – caring for your newborn and trying to think of how to manage a social life intertwined with it all can seem daunting! I’ve been there and I hear you! Please reach out to one of us if you need help, and do your best – you already are! We’ll help you find a routine that works for you and your family’s unique lifestyle, letting your baby lead the way.

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