There are so many cup options out there for toddlers! It can be overwhelming to figure out what to offer your kiddo once she’s done with the bottle. I’m taking the guesswork out of it by highlighting my favorite cups for toddlers and why. I’ve actually tried all of these picks with my own kiddos!

When picking out cups for toddlers, I look for these features: easy to drink from, leakproof, promotes proper oral development, and simple to clean. Here are my recommendations:

Best Straw Cup: Zoli BOT Weighted Straw Cup

Drinking from a straw is great for oral development, but can be a tricky skill to learn. Young toddlers are used to tipping their bottle back to get the liquid, which can make teaching them how to use a straw confusing. The weighted straw on this cup by Zoli prevents this issue and allows your toddler to drink from any angle. This cup is leakproof when tipped and easy to hold. There’s a bit of a learning curve, as your toddler will have to gently bite down while sucking to get the liquid out. This cup has a lid that flips over the silicone straw, keeping it free from germs when thrown in a diaper bag. Straw cups are more difficult to clean, but this one is top rack dishwasher safe.

Best Open Cup: EZPZ Tiny Cup

EZPZ makes this adorably sized silicone open cup. Learning to drink from an open cup takes a lot of practice by your kiddo and patience from parents. Open cup drinking supports healthy oral and speech development, but it is challenging to work on this skill with regular sized cups. The Tiny Cup solves that problem as it’s perfectly sized for little hands and easy to grip. While spills are somewhat inevitable with an open cup, this one has a weighted bottom making it more topple resistant than a standard cup. It’s easy to clean, and comes in cute, trendy colors that match the rest of EZPZ’s feeding products. Once your toddler has mastered open cup drinking, he can move from the tiny cup to the “mini” size, which has the same great features but allows for more intake.

Best for Transition from the Bottle: NUK Learner Cup

This cup is great for babies and toddlers who are used to a bottle and having difficulty moving to a straw cup or spoutless cup. The silicone spout is firmer than a bottle nipple, but still familiar enough to easily drink from. It’s spill-proof, has a low price point and is simple to disassemble and clean. This cup can be used for babies and toddlers 6 months and up, and is a great cup to use when introducing solids! For optimal oral development, try transitioning from this cup to a straw or spoutless cup after a few months of use.

Best Spoutless (and my Overall Top Pick): Munchkin 360 Cup

The Miracle 360 is my overall favorite toddler cup. Munchkin’s spoutless design uses a silicone valve that fits into the cup’s lid. When your kiddo sucks anywhere along the rim with gentle pressure, liquid will come out. I love this cup because it gets the seal of approval from dentists, is intuitive for kiddos to use, and with only 3 parts it’s easy to clean. It won’t leak if turned upside down, but know that if it hits the floor or table a small amount of liquid will escape. Munchkin makes the 360 in three versions: a trainer cup with handles for babies, the standard 360 for 12+ months, and a stainless steel version to keep liquids cold on the go. An all-around great cup!

Best for Older Toddler: Thermos FUNtainer Straw Water Bottle

This water bottle is great for older toddlers (age 2+) that have mastered drinking from a straw and are ready for a big kid cup! It’s great for the summer months because it keeps liquids cool for hours and is “sweat-proof,” so no moisture will build up on the outside. It has a click button in the front so your toddler can flip the lid open easily for drinking, and seal when not in use. When the lid is closed this cup is leakproof, so you can throw it in a backpack without worrying. It fits in a car seat cup holder which is a must for older kiddos. This cup disassembles easily for cleaning, and there are no sneaky spots for moisture to build up. There are a ton of fun pattern options for your toddler to choose from, including their favorite characters. I find that my 3 year old drinks more liquids out of fun character cups!

Hope this guide helps you navigate the world of kiddo cups! As always, reach out to your local Mama Coach if you have questions or need support!

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