3 Easy Toddler Sensory Bins

Well, if you are new to sensory bins then you have come to the right place! I know we are all busy mamas and sometimes we need some simple activities for our toddlers to learn through sensory play….and hopefully keep them busy for a bit!

The idea behind sensory bins is that they give children the opportunity to explore the 5 senses, experiment, learn, and process through various little tactile environments. Most items for your sensory bins can be found right in your own home. Remember, toddlers can find the simplest activities the most entertaining….I bet your little one was more entertained with boxes, wrapping paper, and ribbon on their first birthday than the expensive toy you bought? Exactly! Easy, simple is PERFECT!

Grab your bin and check out these 3 easy ideas:

Easy Rice Sensory Bin

Fill the base of your bin with rice. Then simply add objects for extra fun! These add-ins could be small figurines, dolls or characters, toy cars/trucks, flowers, leaves…. think fun textures. Once your bin is put together, all you need is some fun scoops, spoons, tongs, small buckets, cups whatever you happen to have to assist in play.

Have a little extra time? 

You can color your rice by adding 1 cup of white rice to a Ziploc bag. Then mix in ½ TBSP of white vinegar and a few drops of food coloring. Shake the bag up. Lay rice flat out on a pan until completely dry. Drying times depend on how wet the rice is, but mine took about an hour. 

Super Quick Washing the Dishes Sensory Bin

This is such an easy one. Fill one bin with water and the other with water and dish soap. Add in bath toys, plastic figurines, cups, bowls…really anything around the house that is water safe. Give your toddler a kitchen sponge, rag, toothbrush, or bottle scrubber and let them “do the dishes”! They will love it! Washing their toys and rinsing in the water bucket. 

Easy Homemade Bubble Foam Sensory Bin

Did someone say bubble foam? Sounds fun right? Grab some child-friendly bubble bath or body wash (tear-free), water, food coloring (optional), and toys! My kids love construction trucks with this one. The magic of the bubble foam is a 2 parts bubble bath to 1 part water. Use this ratio with your desired food coloring and use a hand or stand mixer to “whip” it. Mix until you have stiff peaks. Add each color batch to your bin with your desired toys and you’re ready to go!

Pro Tip: Head outside for easier cleanup! If it’s cold or the weather doesn’t permit outdoor play, then head to the bath! This will easily contain your toddler and the mess! 

I hope you see how easy and fun these can be! You truly can use whatever you have already in your home! Be creative, have fun, and enjoy your little one! 

Remember that at The Mama Coach, we are here for you! Reach out to your local Mama Coach for support with your baby, toddler, or child! You got this Mama! 

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